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The Bemoan
A fallen artist. An engineer on the verge of a breakdown. A betrayed hood. Three strangers flung together by an encounter with a wild dog on a highway. A tug on a thread that unspools their fates. Three entangled losers on a hiding to nothing.
The second novel from Jon Chandler,
a neo-noir to kick off a new line of standalone books set around Kratera City,
a mini-state formed in the bowl of an ancient celestial impact site,
a place where personal freedoms and cruelties reign with equal abandon.
201 pages long, printed with a velvet touch cover you won't want to let go. If you liked his comics like 2by2, John's Worth, or Wet Shape In The Dark, or even if you follow his Twitch, then you might like this book. Please do not hesitate to place your order.
Price includes UK shipping. We are only able to ship this book to UK residents, for overseas customers you can get a copy here

temporarily sold out! will hopefully restock soon! check on the famicon express instagram for updates!