In association with Mould Map: Special items to accompany the publication of: CLone Wars, by Leon Sadler at mouldmap.com.
These works also expand the world initiated for Memories Of The Emptied Out Field at Calm & Punk Gallery with Noel Freibert in 2018.

1. Parasite Angel plush key-holder. Digital printed snugglesoft™ polar fleece with rope and ribbon details.
Can be attached to any type of key. Designed and hand-made by LS at S.S.SB Studio.
Edition of 10. Design, shape and size will vary. Packaged randomly asst.

2. Black T-shirt. Digital direct-print, with hand-printed Parasite Angel embellishments. Edition of 10.

3. White T-shirt. (SOLD OUT) Black silkscreen print with hand-painted details. Edition of 10.

Items ship from UK. Please select size and destination. T-shirts are generic masc. fit. Base T-shirts printed at KG Corner on the occasion of Offbeat Rats International: Complete Services Tokyo

Price including postage:

Additional tracked postage can be added for £10 per item. Click here for more details.
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